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Why LPG?
Simple answer, because you save from 38% up to 43% on your fuel cost depending from vehicle make and model and lpg system.

So if you normally spend 3,436 (28MPG car doing 15,000 mil/year) of petrol per year, after the lpg conversion you will spend about 2,058 (doing a similar amount of mileage) saving 1,378 (Statistically, drivers do around 15,000 miles per year), deduct the LPG conversion cost - 960 (4cylinder car engine installation) you will be left with 418 already saved within the first year.


Try to calculate yourself, filling up the LPG Autogas calculator below, input the approx. mileages you do in 1 year and the approx. MPG of your vehicle, then if the petrol and LPG prices pre-inserted by us still contemporary, press the calculate bottom. If the price as changed you can still type in the new amount in pence (IE 1.50 you write 150 or 0.82 you write 82)

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Comparing the lpg conversion to an bank investment, we reached the conclusion that the interest generate is a wack 38%APR tax free (minimum). Depositing the same amount of money that an lpg installation cost in a bank, you would probably get a 3%APR IE: on a good ISA, so this alternative fuel conversion can truly be considered as an investment.

LPG installation process.

» Book the car.
» Vehicle inspection.
» LPG installation.
» 1,000 miles running in period.
» Recalibration setting with installation inspection.
» LPG service every 10,000 miles or every year which ever comes first.

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